Using building automation data for the prosumer app


Energy contractors have access to production data (photovoltaics for consumers) and heat and energy consumption data in their building management system (e.g. WinCC OA, Aprol). However, they cannot make the data available to their prosumers (producers and consumers).

Solution and added value

Setting up an interface between the building management system and the Eliona platform.
Via web login, prosumers can view production and consumption data for heat and electricity, feed-in and feed-back values and efficiency in diagrams and dashboards. Contractors can automate the transfer of data from Eliona to their billing system.

Utility of the Canton of Zurich (EKZ)


By using the SMARTmonitoring solution from Eliona, Utility of the Canton of Zurich (EKZ) offers its prosumers comprehensive evaluations regarding the generation and consumption of energy.