Björn Erb

Innovation Manager

«The logical consequence of being able to cover the needs of a smart building provider is the development of Eliona. Intelligent networking via the ‹Internet of Things› plays an eminently important role, especially for future requirements such as personalized information, comfort, climate, security and optimization of the energy budget, as this is the only way to significantly reduce operating costs. In addition, it is important to draw the right conclusions from the flood of data in order to make processes more efficient and to reduce sources of error as far as possible. A handful of facility managers suddenly become hundreds of end-users who gain access to the platform and use facility management as needed. Thanks to its subscription model, Eliona takes into account the shift in the business model from CAPEX to OPEX.»

Adam Lange


«Storage of the measuring data as well as the analysis and interpretation results demands a very high level of performance, but above all a very flexible database environment. That’s why we decided to use the PostgreSQL Ecosystem as the foundation for Eliona: More than 30 years of market presence, combination of SQL language with time series analysis, scalability and hundreds of extensions form a stable platform for future tasks. For example, when it comes to applications requiring high-frequency processing of several million data sets, PostgreSQL-based TimescaleDB is used.»

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