Eliona Function

Data visualization via personalized dashboards

  • Dashboards for visualization, summaries and knowledge from data analysis
  • Role-specific data visualization, e.g. for development, production, operation, personnel, energy, security, resource consumption, maintenance planning
  • Evaluation of building data, e.g. for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, personnel, room utilization
  • Search and filter functions
  • Real-time view of movement profiles
  • Live monitoring of sensors, systems and portfolios
  • Real-time indoor analyses of mobile assets
  • Heat maps
  • Real-time monitoring of operation-critical indicators such as performance, vibration and temperature of pumps in cooling circuits
  • Transfer of created dashboards to other users (via super admin access)

Eliona Function

Views for staff and visitors

  • Presentation of data outside Eliona (read access)
  • Overview of current capacity utilization, e.g. the cafeteria or the meeting room
  • Presentation of floor-relevant assets, e.g. workplace comfort

Eliona Function

Ticket system

  • Overview of all processes and alarms to be processed
  • Receiving, confirming, classifying and processing of alarms and notifications from all connected infrastructures, buildings, plants, equipment and sensors.
  • Allocation of a ticket or a task to a functionality area or to a person inside a functionality area for further processing until the ticket has been closed.

Eliona Function

Detailed view of raw data

  • Overview of active and inactive assets (health check)
  • Clear presentation of the current data of all assets
  • Tabular presentation of historical data of an asset
  • Extensive filter functions

Eliona Function

Analysis and comparison of historical data

  • Interactive charts, e.g. line, area, bar, pie charts
  • Comparison of data in various periods
  • Comparison of historical data of various assets
  • Re-use of stored analyses

Eliona Function

Geographical map views

  • Clear presentation of all assets on topographical maps
  • 2D and 3D building plans (BIM/IFC models)
  • Alarm overview on the map, in buildings and on floors
  • View and filtering according to buildings, floors and sensors
  • Display and management of assets

Eliona Function

Visualization of technical processes

Operating states of system components, e.g.

  • Motors
  • Ventilation flaps
  • Valves
  • Fault messages
  • Switch settings

Display of measured values, e.g.

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Relative or absolute humidity
  • External set values
  • Meter readings

Eliona Function

Presentation in augmented reality (AR)

  • Augmented reality presentation of the digital twins of assets via tablet and smartphone
  • Display of operational indicators, maintenance and warning notices directly at the object (machines and systems)
  • Quick access to the documentation and maintenance history of an object
  • Room and system management in the Eliona app

Eliona Function

Asset management

In Eliona, assets are the fundamental components of the digital infrastructure being managed, e.g. sensors, systems, rooms, zones, floors and buildings.

  • Creating, initializing, editing and deleting of assets
  • View of master data (configuration)
  • Mapping of asset behavior via asset types
  • View of live data (current values)
  • Health check of an asset
  • Document filing (versioned)
  • Image gallery
  • Tree view of child assets
  • Overview of alarms and tickets belonging to the asset
  • Creation of QR code and augmented reality markers
  • Simple mass import of assets (via super admin access)
    • For example, via CSV
    • Flexible mapping of asset information in the data model

Eliona Function

Alarm, rule and action management

Notifications and alarms

  • Overview of alarms: Acknowledgement of alarms, creation of tickets, alarm history
  • Exceedance of or deviation from alarm limit values
  • Alarms via SMS, email, push message and to third-party systems (Slack, MS Teams)
    • Management of dispatching services (via super admin access)
  • Dispatching of action-related messages
  • Notifications to the responsible body
  • Management of recipient groups
  • Escalation management

Scenario management

  • Design, systematic development and interpretation of scenarios as well as their use
    • Rule editor
    • Rule-based execution of actions
  • Scenario management for dealing with uncertain and complex decision-making situations

Eliona Function

Message broker

  • Forwarding of data in various output formats, e.g. receipt in Apache Kafka, processing in Eliona and sending of objects via OPC UA
  • Open interfaces
  • Flexible data modeling
  • Receiving and sending of data according to a set of rules
  • Rule editor
  • Avoidance of overloads due to a large number of incoming messages (workload management)

Eliona Function

Roles and rights

  • Management of projects (via super admin access)
  • Identification and management of users and rights
  • Allocation of roles
    • User (read access)
    • Advanced user (change permission within a project)
    • Administrator (administration rights for a project)
    • Super admin (administration rights for all the projects of a customer)

Eliona Function (via super admin access)

Interfaces (edge nodes)

Creation and management of interfaces via edge nodes for entering data.

Building automation

  • Integration of building automation and management systems (existing systems)
  • HVAC and plumbing (system and room automation)
  • Electric systems, e.g. room automation, photovoltaics, electric vehicle charging points, light and power installations, etc.
  • Conveying systems, e.g. lift
  • Monitoring of all objects such as sensors, gateways, systems, etc.
  • Security systems, e.g. access control, fire alarm system, video surveillance
  • Smart parking spaces and parking lots
  • Meeting room equipment, e.g. reservation system, audio/video equipment

IoT sensor data, e.g.

  • Velocity
  • CO2
  • Inclination
  • Fill levels
  • Permeability
  • Force, pressure and torque
  • Flow rate and capacity
  • Electric and magnetic values
  • Gases and chemical values
  • Position, presence and approximation
  • Movement, acceleration and displacement
  • Temperature
  • Brightness and light intensity
  • Humidity
  • Acoustics
  • Vibration

Big data, IoT platforms and third-party systems

  • Data, IoT platforms and third-party systems
  • Enrichment of data with weather and traffic data
  • Connection of merchandise management and production, e.g. ERP
  • IoT platforms, e.g. Apache Kafka, Mindsphere, IBM Watson
  • Integration of external systems, e.g. Kentix, Hailo, Loytec, Bosch, Oxon, Zippsafe

All interfaces

Eliona Function (via super admin access)

Evaluation of log data

  • Access to all log data
  • Detailed error analysis

Eliona Function (via super admin access)

Cost and software version monitoring

  • Monitoring of the subscription package
  • Evaluation of capacity utilization of the subscription package (consumption and free contingent)
  • Monitoring of the introduction of software updates

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