From data capturing to visualization
Eliona modules for comprehensive IoT solutions

Eliona Module

Eliona module

Data visualization via dashboards

Scalable dashboards with data segmentation

  • Scalable dashboards for visualization, summaries and knowledge from data analysis
  • Role-specific data segmentation for development, production, operation, personnel, energy, safety, resource consumption, maintenance planning, etc.

      Location and time-related analyses in real time and historically

      • Evaluation of building data for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, personnel, room utilization, etc.
      • Search and filter functions
      • Movement profiles of mobile equipment and real-time view of the location
      • Live monitoring of sensors, systems and portfolios
      • Historical comparisons, incl. time-lapse animation
      • Real-time indoor analyses
      • Real-time monitoring of operation-critical indicators such as
      • performance, vibration and temperature of pumps in cooling circuits

      Eliona module

      Analysis and machine learning

      Complex analyses using tools from Amazon Webservices or Microsoft Azure

      • Clustering basic data via deep learning
      • Connecting building data with evaluations of weather data, room occupancy data, machine utilization data, etc.
      • Artificial intelligence: Detecting correlations, patterns, trends, peaks and deviations for predictive control and maintenance

      Business Intelligence

      • Recommendations for upcoming maintenance or probable maintenance requirements
      • Determining application-specific operational indicators and business management knowledge
      • Recommendations for increasing energy and operating efficiency
      • Integrating forecast data into the control strategy of buildings in order to determine the energy demand of a building in advance


      • Machine learning: Developing rules
      • Payload decoder
      • Alarm rules: High limit/Low limit

      Eliona module

      Big data

      Highly available and scalable and big data storage

      • Private and public cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure)
      • Amazon CloudFront (global network consisting of 134 points of presence). Eliona uses the Zurich location.

      Quality management of building performance

      • Digital test bench for building performance
      • Increasing building performance through intelligent algorithms
      • Set of diverse algorithmic modules for analyzing building automation data

      Eliona relies on PostgreSQL + Timescale

      • Open source database
      • Relational model + JOINs: Ideal for IoT applications
      • High reliability and performance
      • Up to 5000 entries per second – approx. 9 million entries in 30 minutes
      • The Timescale plugin can be added free of charge for even higher requirements.
      • Simple use for developers, data analysts and administrators
      • Wide ecosystem: Numerous compatible visualization tools, backend infrastructures and operational functions (e.g. backups, replication), etc.
      • Flexible types of data: For example, numbers, strings, arrays, JSON/JSONB
      • PostGIS: Support for geographic objects and location-specific queries

        Eliona module

        Data normalization and haystack modeling

        Haystack, Digital twin, IFC according to BIM

        • Normalization of the data structure of the source to flexible Eliona data objects
        • Modeling of the Eliona data objects in the semantic open-source data model Haystack
        • Further processing: IFC/BIM, XML, JSON, etc..
        • Consistent data with 3D model anchored data management to create a digital twin of the building
        • The digital twin enables simulation and analysis of the real building’s dynamic behavior under various conditions, thereby enabling accurate decisions to be made.

        Eliona module

        Asset management

        Registrierung, Verwaltung und Steuerung von Assets

        • Call up assets
          • Output list of all devices
        • Create asset
        • Call up asset
        • Update asset
        • Delete asset
        • Asset profiles (assign behavior to asset -> frequent query, rare query, etc.)
        • Asset statistic
          • Telegrams

          • Health check
        • Flexible use of devices in various applications

        Geographic views of devices on maps

        • Heat map
        • View and filtering according to floors/buildings
        • Geo-clustering
        • Display and control of devices

        Eliona module


        Assistance app for employees and visitors

        • Simple parking space allocation in the app for arriving employees
        • Flexible and automated allocation of workplaces and meeting rooms
        • Flexible room utilization for individuals, teams and communities
        • Automated selection of room scenarios: Meeting, undisturbed work, telephone conference, etc.
        • Learning algorithms supported by artificial intelligence engage with the needs of room users and develop suitable scenarios (temperature, light, music, etc.)
        • Paying for canteen and other services in the app
        • Employees can receive parcels at work

        Eliona module

        Augmented / Virtual Reality 

        Eliona is an open platform

        • The digital twins (BIM 3D model) of buildings and systems available in Eliona can be accessed via tablet, smartphone or AR glasses (Augmented Reality)
        • Training contents that otherwise can only be learned with special equipment and a significant amount of effort can be taught easily, quickly and cost effectively
        • Easy access to machines and systems while displaying operational indicators, maintenance and warning notices directly on the object
        • Quick access to the documentation and maintenance history of a system or object
        • Room and system management directly in the app (simulation): Application:
          • System doors are opened in the AR environment
          • The status of the doors is set to «open» in the management system

        Eliona module

        Tasks and tickets

        Receiving, confirming, classifying and processing alarms and notifications from all connected infrastructures, buildings, plants, equipment and sensors. Allocation of a ticket to a functionality area or to a person inside a functionality area for further processing until the ticket has been closed. The “Tasks and Tickets” module ensures that no alarms are lost and that an overview of all the processes to be processed is available at all times.

        Possible maintenance methods

        • Reactive
          • Reaction to failure > Intervention after an incident
        • Preventive
          • Calendar or run-time based > Reduction of incident probability through maintenance at fixed intervals
        • Condition based
          • Monitoring > Proactive identification of errors before they become a major problem
        • Predictive
          • Analysis and models > Foresight to predict maintenance requirements
        • Prescriptive
          • Machine learning > Predictive analysis and decision support

        Eliona module

        Building Automation
        - Technical View

        The «Building Automation - Technical View» module can be used to visualize and control a building equipped with building automation. Module functions include controlling lighting and air conditioning systems.

        Operating states of system components

        • Motors
        • Ventilation flaps
        • Valves
        • Fault messages
        • Switch settings

        Real-time measured values

        • Temperature
        • Pressure
        • Relative or absolute humidity
        • External set values
        • Meter readings

        Eliona module

        Data capturing

        Integration of building automation and management systems (existing systems)

        • HVAC and plumbing (system and room automation
        • Electric systems (room automation, photovoltaics, electric vehicle charging points, light and power installations, etc.)
        • Conveying systems (lift, etc.)
        • Monitoring all objects such as sensors, gateways, systems, etc.
        • Security systems (access control, fire alarm system, video surveillance, etc.)
        • Smart parking systems
        • Meeting room equipment (reservation system, audio/video equipment, etc.)
        • Point monitoring using intelligent sensors (e.g. fuel oil tank fill level)

        Sensor data, e.g.

        • Velocity
        • Inclination
        • Fill levels
        • Permeability
        • Force, pressure and torque
        • Flow rate, capacity
        • Electric and magnetic measurements
        • Gas and chemical measurements
        • Position, presence and approximation
        • Movement, acceleration and displacement
        • Temperature
        • Brightness and light intensity
        • Humidity
        • Acoustics
        • Vibration

        Data enhancing

        • Weather and traffic data
        • Merchandise management and production data

        Eliona module


        BUS systems/Building automation

        • Modbus
        • MBus
        • BACnet
        • OPC UA
        • EIB
        • LON
        • KNX
        • OCPP

        IoT protocols

        • Bluetooth Low Energy
        • LPWANs
          • LoRA
          • NB-IOT
          • Weightless
        • SigFox
        • Enocean
        • LTE-M

        Web services

        • REST(ful)
        • RPC

        Third-party systems

        • ERP systeme
        • Autodesk Revit (BIM) 
        • CAFM systeme
        • Salesforce
        • SkySpark

        Big data, IoT, platforms

        • Mindsphere
        • Apache Kafka
        • AWS IoT
        • Microsoft Azure
        • IBM Watson
        • Websphere
        • Thing-it
        • be.Energised
        • ThingWorx

          Eliona module

          Message broker

          Open interfaces for data handlin

          • Flexible modeling and forwarding of data in various output formats to end points and platforms
            • e.g. receipt in Apache Kafka > processing in Eliona -> sending of objects via OPC UA
          • Receiving and sending messages according to a set of rules
            • Live scripting engine for customizing the set of rules
          • Scalability of message routing
          • Workload management:
            • Avoiding overloads due to a large number of incoming messages
          • ElQoS
            • Ensuring operation through quality of service guidelines

          Eliona module

          Processing and action management

          Notifications and alerting

          • Rule-based alerting
          • Alarm handling of limit value exceedance and deviations
          • Alerting via SMS, push message/third-party systems
          • Escalation procedure

          Scenario management via IFTTT

          Design, systematic development and interpretation of scenarios as well as their use in building management systems:

          • Rule-based event action triggers for performing smart actions
          • Live scripting engine

          Scenario management can be used especially in uncertain and complex decision-making situations.