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To facilitate use of the Eliona platform, we have introduced the Infravolt billing unit. An Infravolt corresponds to an attribute. An attribute is, for example, the data point »temperature« at a sensor. A multi-sensor with five attributes (data points) requires five Infravolts.


Subscription prices / month

500 Infravolt

299 CHF

285 €

2'500 Infravolt

799 CHF

760 €

10'000 Infravolt

1.599 CHF

1.520 €

25'000 Infravolt

2.999 CHF

2.850 €

100'000 Infravolt

5.999 CHF

5.700 €

250'000 Infravolt

11.999 CHF

11.400 €


Free selection of the provider

ElioT Cloud

Included in the price

Server location:

ITEC AG, Switzerland

On Premises

Server location: 
On the customer’s premises

Public Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Server location: 


Google Cloud

Your contact

Björn Erb

Head of Programm Management

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