License plans

Both ElioT license plans come with the basic functionality of the platform (Big Data Server Core) as well as procedures for issuing SSL and TLS certificates for encrypted data transmission. Updates, delivery of software enhancements, security patches and service packs are included. ElioT can be extended with additional modules, e.g. Dashboarding, Analyses, Augmented Reality, Tasks & Tickets, Alerting, BA/Technical View, etc.

License plan

Data objects

The plan for ElioT depends on the actual capacity (number of data objects) and is particularly suitable for:

  • Energy managers - meaningful reporting (KPIs)
    System integrators - efficient engineering and simple plant visualization
  • Technical planners - new technology for existing BA

License plan

Real estate object

The plan depends on the type of property (fixed plan per unit and area) and is suitable for: 

  • Investors - increase real estate value
  • Operators - digital services reduce expenditure and increase tenant satisfaction
  • Real estate users - overview of apartment data
  • Authorities - central management of a property portfolio


Free selection of the provider

On Premise

Server location
: On the customer’s premises

ElioT Cloud

Included in the plan

Server location:
ITEC AG, Switzerland

Public Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Server location:


Google Cloud

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