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Climate control at Basel University Hospital


At University Hospital Basel (USB), we have implemented the digital transformation as a specific application in the HVAC process.

In building 11, the windows and roller blinds on the whole of the south side are now integrated into the air conditioning and/or heating process. Each room is equipped with EnOcean window sensors and local Loytec controllers. This allows the window positions to be monitored and the air conditioning to be controlled directly. If a window is open, for example, the air conditioning can be interrupted in order to save energy. In the event of strong sunlight, the blinds are also activated in order to keep the energy required for the air conditioning as low as possible.

With the use of Aprol, the entire control system is mapped directly in our Eliona Smart Building Assistant, with which it can be controlled. This allows the hospital management and technical services to access live data concerning the building performance.