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Achieve your ESG goals with Eliona

As a reliable provider, we deliver verifiable energy data for your ESG reporting and energy management.

Our energy solution

Our solutions for your smart project.

Eliona is a new and unique software for companies that want to digitally transform their infrastructures. In the future, living and working in buildings will be shaped much more by user interaction. This can improve the working environment for employees, digitize facility management and operate an infrastructure sustainably and efficiently.

Your benefit: Smart building can be experienced and is accessible to every user. This allows us to offer more service while using fewer resources.

Perfectly connected, perfectly informed

Eliona integrates your entire infrastructure into a single system. This interoperability ensures a single point of truth.

Eliona supports all common interfaces in the BMS and IoT area and integrates seamlessly into your IT infrastructure. Even existing devices without an internet connection can be connected. A seamless database is the basis for meaningful reporting and targeted optimization. This makes Eliona a company-wide single source of truth and streamlines operating processes and workflows.

A pleasant side effect: you save the investment in new equipment.

The standard for IoT applications.

All important KPIs at a glance

Keep an overview with dashboards, gain insights with reports.

Eliona bundles the data from all expert systems and presents relevant information to end users on meaningful dashboards. This allows KPIs to be monitored live and ensures smooth operation. Any inefficiencies or disruptions can be identified immediately and measures can be taken.

The integrated, powerful analysis and reporting functions transform data into insights and lay the foundation for objective, data-driven decisions. Analyze historical data or have customized reports sent to you on a regular basis.

Discover unused potential in the infrastructure and carry out optimizations with measurable success.

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App Marketplace - Endless possibilities

Utilize the potential of your data with the Eliona Marketplace

Expand Eliona according to your wishes and create a platform that is perfectly tailored to your needs. With the App Marketplace, Eliona provides a curated range of dozens of apps. These apps independently integrate incoming data from third-party sources into Eliona. Apps are far more than ordinary integrations: they independently create all the required assets and contain individual dashboards. These allow users to interact smoothly with external systems in just a few simple steps and on a no-code basis.

If a suitable app does not yet exist for your application, our experienced development team will create a customized solution for you.

Apps make Eliona an open, modular platform that bundles a wide variety of complex expert systems into a single, familiar environment with optimized usability and sophisticated application concepts.

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