Spiegelung Gebäudefassaden Spiegelung Gebäudefassaden

Systems management made easy – with photo-realistic digital twin.


A photorealistic, digital twin of a system in Eliona offers many advantages. Complex technical plans can be transferred to the real environment easily and made accessible to lay personnel to allow them to operate a system easily.

Complicated? No – we can show you how you can implement this use case yourself easily in 3 steps.

Step 1:

Photograph the system and upload the picture to Eliona.

Step 2:

In Eliona, the assets of the system are linked to the image and documentation is saved. Checklists or tags can also be added. Depending on the version of Eliona, additional alerts and notifications can be inserted and connected to the system. The system can now be accessed via this function: WYSIWYG.

Step 3:

Done – the system is created as a single point of information and supports various disciplines with the maintenance and repairs. Skilled staff can also instruct unqualified persons to operate the system remotely. As a further advantage, systems data from various data sources can be combined in Eliona in the photo-realistic digital twin. This means that systems data, IoT sensors and other data sources are combined and mapped together to reflect reality with the use of the digital twin.

Your advantage?

In addition to the simplified system handling, costs can also be saved during operation and the expensive use of specialist personnel can be avoided. For larger-scale system facilities, all systems can be integrated into Eliona and monitored and controlled on an individualised dashboard.