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Smart Cleaning

Needs-based cleaning services

Icon Feature Challenge

Conventional facilities management is carried out according to fixed schedules and timetables. This invariably results in idle time and duplication, as services are not provided in accordance with demand.

Example of an office building: Despite an occupancy rate of just 50% for the building, all floors are cleaned strictly according to schedule, all waste bins are emptied and every toilet is cleaned.

Icon Feature Solution approach

The integration and combination of different systems in Eliona enable a process-optimised facilities service. Data on the movement of people, people counting at frequented locations, and smart waste bins are forwarded to smart cleaning machines in order to provide a more targeted service with the use of fewer resources.

Icon Feature Added value

Rather than 100 different apps which have to be evaluated individually, as a single point of information, Eliona operates as an interface-spanning platform. Facilities management is therefore able to provide its services on a targeted and needs-driven basis, to make specific evaluations and derive explicit rules from them, for duty rosters, for example.

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