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Smart Locker

Intelligent use of cloakroom areas

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Conventional lockers generate a considerable amount of “dead” and unused space. The question arises regarding the right number of lockers – during busy periods, either too few are available or too many are free. Key management is also a time-consuming factor, as conventional keys or padlocks are used.

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The installation of a smart and space-saving locker system from Zippsafe offers considerable added value for companies and employees. With the integration in the Eliona User Journey, lockers can be booked and opened or closed electronically.

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With an intelligent cloakroom solution, 200 m2 of space is sufficient for 1,000 employees (instead of approx. 600 m2). The integrated ventilation and drying system means the transmission of pathogens is reduced and the air quality in the room is increased. A digital access management system in Eliona provides employees with an innovative and time-saving tool for their personal locker. And for the business, the time-consuming key management for staff who join and leave is no longer necessary.

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