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Mit Eliona Ihre ESG Ziele erreichen

Als zuverlässiger Provider liefern wir überprüfbare Energiedaten für Ihr ESG-Reporting und Energiemanagement.

Our energy solution

State of the art


Technology is at the heart of our infrastructure. Our development team, which is 15 strong, works on developing new features and keeping the platform high-performing and secure according to the highest cyber security standards each day.

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Our longstanding expertise in building digital infrastructures enables us to understand a wide range of protocols and systems and to integrate them at Eliona. This includes classic OT (object technology) and IT (information technology) protocols as well as information from IoT sensors and actuators.

This makes Eliona into an intelligent hub for a wide range of systems which therefore differs significantly from straightforward IoT platforms.

  • IoT Connectors: CoaP, MQTT, Enocean, The ThingsNetwork, Loriot, Webhook, RESTful, Apache KAFKA, Swisscom

  • BMS Connectors: B&R Aprol, Siemens WinCC OA, Tridium Niagara (dozens more protocols are available through this driver)

  • CCTV Connector: Milestone

  • OT Connectors (remote possible through EdgeNode): BACnet, KNX & KNX SC, Modbus, MBUS, OPC UA, SBUS

  • Service Connectors: ADFS, MS Graph

  • APP Connectors: Hailo Smart Waste, VZUG,, Localino, Kentix, Cisco DNA Spaces, CWS, Renzbox, Signify, Xovis, ABB freeAtHome, MyStrom, Thingsdust, Promos, Equinix

  • Escalation Connectors: Google Chat, MS Teams, Slack, Mail, SMSGoogle Chat, MS Teams, Slack, Mail, SMS

Tech stack

Various interfaces
Various interfaces

Building automation, IT, IoT, web services, platforms

Focus on usability
Focus on usability

Design on the basis of established Google Material Design

Deployment flexibility
Deployment flexibility

Docker technology for cloud or on-premises applications

Microsoft Gold partner
Microsoft Gold partner

Agile further development of the software on the basis of Azure DevOps.

Scalable and quick
Scalable and quick

High-performance web-based applications on the React framework

Swiss Made Software
Swiss Made Software

Developed locally with quality and 24/7 availability


A heterogeneous system landscape in buildings, the data from expert systems and the connection of their interfaces provide the basis for the Eliona platform. We are therefore able to map the services and use cases transparently in the digital environment. On the basis of Google Material Design, we also create a user-friendly interface for a maximum UX.

In this respect, Eliona does not believe the basic technical requirements for a deployment to be relevant. We orient ourselves to the requirements of the customers and users. We therefore decided on a Docker-based software architecture. An installation is possible in the cloud as well on-premises in the IT environment.

Data gateway: Flexible and endlessly scalable

Eliona edge nodes function as data concentrators, and offer gateway functionalities to forward data to a cluster network on a targeted basis. The free choice of hardware for the edge nodes ensures the independence of the manufacturer.

Functionally, the Eliona edge node to the cloud is a real-time big data cluster which exchanges the data on an encrypted basis via an SSL or TLS certificate. The specific data communication with the subsystem takes place with data buffering in the edge node. The scaling range on the edge node is unlimited.