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Interaction of building users with the infrastructure

Icon Feature Challenge

In conventional facilities management, a system boundary exists between the building and the user. Therefore, the building user uses the infrastructure, but is not an integral part of the ecosystem. This leads to idle time, and means staff resources are used for bureaucracy.

Example of an office building: a member of staff reports a broken tap to the caretaker by telephone, who arranges for the plumber to fix it.

Icon Feature Solution approach

Via the Eliona ticketing system, the end user of a building is connected directly to the infrastructure. This enables services to be professionalised and optimised. It also means that staff resources can be used more efficiently. How it works: the end user is able to access an asset directly via the View feature and can generate a ticket – for example, “tap broken in WC on first floor” This ticket is processed on a centralised basis and escalated to the responsible person(s).

Icon Feature Added value

The Eliona Smart Building Assistant allows for the technical service to be digitalised. Infrastructural services are requested directly by the end user via Eliona, and the service can be provided automatically. This means that expensive experts are no longer needed for specialist tasks, and can be omitted.

This disruptive facilities management approach offers additional service with the use of fewer resources.

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